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Every business needs video

By 2019, internet video traffic will account for 80% of all consumer internet traffic



Hi there, I’m Anneliese

and this is my business.

I'm a videographer and marketing obsessed individual who wants to help other businesses thrive in their industry.

I combine video and marketing strategies to provide you with the perfect plan to tell your businesses story. Whether that means creating an introduction video or an on going video strategy to build your brands audience. I will help turn your business video ideas into a reality.

Four years ago, as I graduated from college, I never could have guessed that I would quit corporate life to start my own video marketing company. That’s right I like many others was a corporate life girl until I saw a video online about someone who was traveling the world and working remote. I thought wow that’s my dream job, I wanted it, and I became obsessed for it. In January 2018, I successfully quit corporate life for good and started on the remote life journey. Fast forward almost a year later and I’m currently working in South East Asia with clients still in New York, and Boston.

Not only do I want to continue to work with clients to create video marketing strategies but I also want to ensure that everyone has access to video marketing techniques and how easy it can be to incorporate into your businesses strategy.


Who is Apto Media?


Apto Media is a video marketing company that strives for businesses to incorporate video into their marketing strategy. Apto Media started out as a marketing company that then niched down to only offer video marketing strategies as the need for video grew stronger. We are not an agency but rather a company that wants to ensure your individualized business needs are met and that you understand that video is needed for your business to succeed.


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