7 Ways to Instantly Improve your Street Photography and Videography

Street photography and videography aka the candid shots. More and more these days customers are looking for those candid shots as they show the realness behind any brand. So how do you get those candid shots that also look professional for your brand? We have a couple tips below:


If you are shooting candid shots let’s say for a makeup brand then decide on what the theme is for the shoot. Is it putting makeup on in the subway? Applying that last touch up before entering a restaurant for a hot date? Or is it applying blush right before a performance? 

Deciding on a theme is crucial for street shots in order to make sure that it’s authentic and you know what to look for while you’re shooting. 


Look at the shot with your eyes not the view finder. This is a personal choice but we find that we capture the best candid shots for brands while we are using our eyes and not by looking inside the camera. 


Emotion is what makes candid shots so special! They are not posed, and not performed. They are captured in real time. If you are using a model to capture candid shots make sure the theme and interaction with your brand is in its most authentic self. So if you are a tax accountant then have the model sit across from you at a desk and capture the exact meeting you would go through with your clients. Again street photography and videography is all about capturing the moment in real time at its most authentic self. 


Now this tip is for those that are capturing real people. Of course ask people if you are getting up in their face with your camera (not everyone likes to be photographed or on video) but if you are capturing a far away shot then don’t make it completely obvious that you are trying to take a picture of them. Hold your camera at your waist, walk by, and snap a couple pictures or press record without them even noticing. Doing it this will ensure that you are capturing that authentic emotion we mentioned above. 


By snapping a picture or pressing record you probably won’t capture the exact shot you’re looking for. There have been so many times where we have gone home and realized that we captured nothing interesting for the day. So get creative. This means look at reflections, puddles, skyscrapers, and really capture your environment. Trust me you will definitely find something to capture you may just need to get a bit creative. 


Put your camera on silent. I couldn’t tell you how many times we’ve tried to sneak the shot in and then our camera makes the ding sound of record in a silent church. Yea, all eyes on us instantly and then you lose that authentic shot because everyone realizes you’re the weirdo with the camera. So for embarrassment sake put your camera on silent.


Similar to the above but don’t use flash in any street photography and videography in the day time. Make sure it’s off automatic flash and closed on your camera. Same thing as putting your camera on silent it will save you the embarrassment.

So there you have it, our seven best tips for getting those great street photography and videography shots for brands. If you have any questions be sure to leave a comment below!