GEAR KIT: Filming With Your Phone

Filming a video these days is as easy as picking up your phone and pressing record. However to make it the best video possible you may want to think about investing in the following gear.

Phone Gear List


If you’re filming yourself investing in a tripod is definitely recommended. You can set up your shot easily and press record without your phone moving and shaking. Here’s my recommended tripod for your phone.

If you already have a tripod then you can easily purchase an additional mount here, that will allow you to attach your phone easily to any tripod.

Gimbal Stabilizer

If you want to capture those cinematic shots, buying a gimbal stabilizer is a great investment. This will allow you to capture stable shots without breaking your back.

Need to capture a friend running? No problem. Need to capture a cinematic shot of you looking up into the sky. Seriously, no problem.

A gimbal stabilizer will help you capture more shots with ease. Here’s the one I recommend.


Investing in a microphone should be your top priority as most viewers will bypass your video if it doesn’t have great sound. No matter how beautiful your video may be or how insightful your information is, people will skip to the next video if the sound is bad.

Here is the best microphone to invest in. You must purchase the complete set in order for the microphone to be attached to your phone.

There you have it! In order to create the best videos using your phone you should invest in some if not all the equipment above.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask! Comment below if you purchased any of the equipment above and how it helped you create videos just by using your phone.