How To Respond To Clients Who Ask For Pricing IMMEDIATELY

When you’re first starting your business money is everything. You need to make sure you have enough saved up, you spend wisely, and you don’t run out. At the same time you want to make sure your business runs effectively and it continues to grow. 


There are times when MONEY isn’t everything. Especially with clients! 

We’ve learned over the last two years in business that 95% of the time potential clients that are immediately asking for rates are never the best clients. 

Let me repeat in other terms: If a new potential client asks for rates in the first paragraph of their introduction, YOU DON’T WANT THEM AS A CLIENT.

Why all the red flags? Perspective clients that immediately ask for pricing most likely don’t know what they want, are shopping around, and are not committed to your business. Instead they are focusing on the numbers. 

In the beginning we took on every client we could. We took on clients that asked for everything. Now after two years in business we strictly DO NOT take on clients that immediately ask for pricing. 


When we do get a potential client asking about pricing we never tell them upfront. Instead we ask if we can schedule a phone call with them so we can go over their needs and how Apto Media can help them. You know what happens once we press Send? We never get a reply. Not once. Why? Because we didn’t give them what they wanted. We didn’t give them the numbers. 

Each client has different needs. If you provide a client with a quote and then realize later on how much additional work you have to do to create what they wanted...guess what? Those are non billable hours you’ve now lost because you immediately gave them a quote instead of scheduling a phone call. 

Also, by providing the client with a quote upfront you are then limiting the potential of up-selling them on a bigger package. 

We could go on and on with reasons but hopefully you get the point. 


A great way to avoid this in general is to create a profile of your ideal client. This may take some time to perfect, especially if you’re entering a new industry. 

In this profile describe who they are, how they reached out to you, how they asked for your services, and what you want your overall experience to be with them while creating the project. Read that business profile everyday and start getting ideas of how to reach that ideal client. Is it through Instagram, Facebook, or even through your email newsletter (if you haven’t signed up for Apto’s newsletter you’re definitely missing out)? Once you create your profile and start targeting your services toward that type of client you’ll save a lot of time and energy. 

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