The Pros and The Cons of Drone Photography and Videography

Drones. They are one of the best inventions since sliced bread, right? Just kidding but they are really cool and a lot of fun to “play” with. Ultimately, they are a photographers and videographers dream to get those aerial shots, pan down shots, and overall shots from a different perspective. HOWEVER, sometimes they can be very annoying, unpredictable, and cause a lot of stress. Here’s a list of pros and cons for you to think about if you’re thinking about buying a drone.


Getting Those Different Perspectives

No more shots like everyone else, drones are a great solution for getting those different angles that haven’t been seen or used over and over again for your business.

Added Value For Your Company

Yes, it’s true. Clients are willing to pay more for drone services because they know it will make a great impact and retain attention for potential clients. Offering drone photography and videography services for your business instantly will spark clients interest and increase your profits.

Saves Time

Shooting a full production video shoot can sometimes take ALL DAY LONG. Shooting a photo or a video clip with a drone can take as little as 5 minutes (with setup and landing). Seriously its a time saver in the long run.

Leave A Lasting Impression For Potential Clients

If you incorporate drone photography on your website it instantly stands out. If you include a short video clip of drone video in your brand video, BOOM, people start to pay attention. It’s a great way to seize the attention while also making a great impact on your potential customers.


Permits and Licenses

Depending if you’re using it for personal or commercial use, every country and city requires some type of permit or license. Even in Thailand (where we are based out of now) requires a long and lengthy process of getting a permit (we got ours in 4 months). Before you start flying away make sure you check each country and cities regulations. You don’t want to accidentally fly it into an airport or a secret government building and be arrested (we’ve heard it happen).

Always a Gray Area

Now, even though we said above to do your research…no matter how much research you do, there is always going to be a grey area of whether or not you can fly your drone in certain places. If you see a lot of security guards, it’s a major tourist site, or there are signs saying no drones then chances are don’t fly it. But if you don’t see anyone stopping you, fly it up (please be smart though and not ruin it for the rest of us there have been some dumb people who have flown their drone where logically it doesn’t make sense, the white house for an example).


No matter how great you are at controlling your drone, or the amount of years of experience you may have you’ll always be stressed when it’s in the air. We have been operating drones for almost two years (at least flying it 1-2 times per week) and I swear it never gets easier. Our biggest suggestion is flying it very early in the morning to avoid the crowds, the pointers, and the occasional security guard who thinks they have the authority to tell you that you can’t fly the drone over a pond.

Also because it’s high in the sky and you can’t really see the tiny black spec always it’s hard to actually feel like it’s going to come back if something gets discounted or lost. Again more stress factors when flying one.

Those are our top pros and cons of drone photography and videography. Obviously we think the pros out way the cons but we want you to be aware of the cons if you’re thinking about adding drone services. What do you think? Do you agree with the pros and cons? We want to hear from you! Comment below!