The Best Solution If Your Hard Drive Malfunctions

It’s me again, Anneliese the founder of Apto Media! I know it’s been awhile but I wanted to write to you about a couple very important tips you need to complete just in case your HARD DRIVE CRASHES. Do not make the same mistake I did in thinking that technology will never fail does! If you haven’t read the full story about exactly what happened, read it here (The Week Everything Went Wrong!).

So, here are my tips of what to do if your hard drive crashes and how to prevent it in the future from happening again:


I mentioned in the first blog post that I never even thought about backing up as I really believed that technology could never fail on me. Man was I wrong. So I now double back up my work and client work whether that be on another hard drive or using some sort of cloud website (I mention a couple below). Double backing up my work insures that I never have to pay the steep price in cash or tears again. Here is my go to Hard Drive to use.


Google is taking over the world and for the most part everyone uses it daily. Even when I was writing this article I didn’t use Microsoft Word, I didn’t use an iCloud note, I used a doc on Google Drive. Why? Because I can access it from anywhere and at anytime. I can also easily share documents to clients, send them photos, and so much more! Drive truly is the best on the go system for those that don’t want to carry hard drives around.


So, not only do I double back up my work onto another hard drive…I also double back up online using a system called Crash Plan. For only $10 a month I can store all of my videos, photos, and documents all online using Crash Plan. This system has honestly saved me so much time and ease that I now feel like I can breath again. The best part? You get unlimited storage! I mean as a content creator, what more could you ask for? Check out their site here.

Those are my top three tips of how to make sure that if your hard drive ever fails you have a solution and never find yourself crying over your computer thinking that the last two years of work all went down the drain. True Story. 

Comment below any questions!