The Week Everything went WRONG!

This article was written from the perspective of the founder of Apto Media, Anneliese Gartner

It happened. The one week everything went wrong and I saw almost a years of work poof into flames. Not literally but I do hope that you learn from the biggest mistake I made in my first year as a new business…


You read correctly. My biggest lesson I learned my first year in business is that things will go wrong and you should double if not triple backup your work.

It started as an average Tuesday in Brooklyn. I went to the gym in the morning, ate a salad for lunch, and sat down at my computer to get some client editing done. As I had just finished a project I quickly went to the bathroom right before starting another project. I opened my chip with the footage inside and downloaded all the footage to my computer. Once I downloaded all the new footage to my computer I went to drag and drop the footage to my lovely hard drive.


The entire folder with all my client work, drone videos, and client voiceovers had magically disappeared. I sat there in awe hoping that my eyes were playing tricks on me. They definitely weren’t and everything was gone. I called my boyfriend over in a panic and he took a look and he also said the worst words any entrepreneur wants to hear, “it’s gone.”

I immediately started to contact every videographer and photographer I knew and asked them if they had any solution. Mind you I was hysterically crying while writing these emails.

After an hour I started getting replies and a couple people suggested places to bring my hard drive to in Brooklyn. BUT everyone told me I should have DOUBLE BACK UP. A new concept for me at the time and I couldn’t believe what I was reading, double back up? Why couldn’t I just rely on the one hard drive that should have magically saved all my work? How could it fail on me?

I frantically Googled the places people suggested and ran the hard drive over to the closest place to my apartment. Even the manager asked if I backed up. Almost in tears in front of a total stranger I felt like a complete idiot and replied no.

One week and some very frustrated clients later, I walked back to the hard drive store and was told they were able to recover everything. BUT at a very steep price of $1,000. For a new business owner who wasn’t prepared to spend that amount ( I was seriously thinking it would cost a maximum of $200) I was devastated of how stupid I was to rely on technology. I really thought it could never fail.

I of course learned from this experience and now double back up everything every couple of weeks. So the point of my sob story is to never rely on technology so easily. You may be spending more money upfront but in the long run it will save you even more money, time, and frustration. The money I spent on recovering my one hard drive I could have bought 6 more hard drives.

Was this helpful? Do you currently double back up? or after reading this are you going to buy another hard drive? If yes, here’s my favorite hard drive brand to use (I’ve never had an issue with them KNOCK ON WOOD).