Top Five Reasons You Should Make Your Company Remote

Since the early 2000s, it seems a lot of people have turned their location dependent company into a remote one. If you haven’t thought about turning your business into a remote company we would highly highly consider thinking twice. Reasons? Here are some benefits of why you should think about turning your business remote:


This includes office costs, supplies, and even some employees costs. Turning a business remote can save your company a lot of money in the long run. Think about how much it actually costs to have an office space. In New York City office spaces alone can range from $5,000-$15,000 per month. That’s not including office supplies, WIFI, or even an IT team to make sure that everything is running correctly.

Employee wise, if you don’t have an office then you don’t need a secretary. Already that’s one position you’ve cut and will put $40K-$50k back into your pocket.


With a location dependent company comes a lot of Bull S***. Are we right?

What we mean by this is the constant interruptions that can happen throughout your day. Now this doesn’t mean that interruptions don’t happen with a remote company. BUT depending on the time zone difference, location, and overall work environment you won’t have to deal with a lot of different obstacles or interruptions that you usually have to deal with.

As Apto is currently working in Bangkok we are 11 hours (sometimes 12 depending on the time of the year) ahead of our clients back in the states. We have been able to use this to our benefit as now we have a set scheduled time to deal with our clients in the late afternoon to evening, which then leaves the morning and early afternoon for ourselves to accomplish all the work tasks we need to accomplish for the day.


Now we already mentioned a bit of this above but because we have less interruptions, it then leads us to actually increase our productivity. We also have been able to turn around projects faster than ever before.


We love this quote and try to live by it every day “Work Smart Not Hard.” This is definitely a hard concept for some who work in the corporate world but think about it, how many hours during the day are you actually getting work done? Do you see your employees at the coffee station 5-6 times just standing there to have a conversation. Think about what those extra hours and minutes could be used for?? Maybe you could finally try that restaurant for lunch that is only opened during the week (still not sure why these exist but they do). Maybe you have been dying to try that swimming pool cycling class only to find out that you can’t go because you have another meaningless meeting to attend. Think about all the possibilities of things you would do by turning your company remote and how much time you’ll have back.


Remember that guy I mentioned above who seemed to take a coffee break every 5 minutes? What if you found the same person who was able to produce better quality work faster than ever before? This was a major reason why we made the switch as we are now able to hire and retain top freelancers and remote workers within the industry. Some of whom have more and better work experience than the coffee break guy who has worked at the same company for 5+ years. This also means that if you are a smaller business you can hire help faster and cheaper! We could not afford a full time employee however during busy seasons and shoots for our clients we do hire freelancers who can help.

So there you have it! Have we convinced you yet to switch your company remote? If not, continue to follow along…we promise you will be convinced.