What Are The Benefits Of Hiring A Remote Company?

If you’re not currently a remote company and haven’t read our first article about Top Five Reasons You Should Make Your Company Remote then click that link and read that article first. After, come back to this one so that you can see from a client perspective (or you are the client) as to what the benefits are of hiring a remote company:

Experience in multiple fields and industries

Whether you are looking to hire someone to redesign your website, create social media posts, or even shoot a brand video; remote companies have more experience in multiple different industries than location dependent companies do. As remote companies are constantly moving that means they are acquiring multiple clients, dealing with different personalities, and overall gaining more experience in multiple different fields. Even if a remote company is specific to a particular industry they will have more experience because of the different companies, sometimes in different countries, they have worked with.

Knowledge about different cultures

This is for remote companies, like Apto Media, who are moving constantly around the world. Remote companies are working with not only different clients in different industries but also they are adapting to work in different cultures. So, if you’re a USA based company thinking of expanding your business into Thailand finding a remote company who has experience with both countries is more beneficial for your business than solely hiring a company who is based in Thailand.

work is done fast (depending on the time zone) 

We swear by this! Hiring a remote company will actually complete your projects faster. Let’s use Bangkok versus New York as an example. If you’re wanting to hire a company that is based in Bangkok you’re on an 11-12 hour time difference (Bangkok does not follow Daylight Savings time). If you ask a Bangkok based remote company for a task to be done at 6pm your time, which means it’s 6am their time, by the time you’re counting sheep your Bangkok remote company that you’ve hired is busy working away on the task you asked for. By the time you wake up ready to start your work day that task has been accomplished and sent to your email before you’ve even thought of it. No more hunting down during the day to find out when the project is done. Hiring a remote company will actually get your project done faster.

Reduces Business Costs

Think about all that coffee money and business dinner money you just saved. You didn’t have to take the remote company to Starbucks, or cram a dinner reservation in between date night and a movie with friends during the week. You simply gave them a call (we actually use UberConference, no relation to Uber the car service) told them what you wanted, signed a contract, and then your project was completed.

That’s it! So what are you waiting for? Did this article make you think about hiring a remote company? We’d love to know! As always if you have any questions, feel free to ask away!