Why Does Your Business Need A Brand Video?

Have you looked at a brand’s website recently? I mean really looked at them. If not (or yes and you’re scrolling through quickly) you’ll notice the biggest difference between brand websites today versus in 2012 is VIDEO.

By 2019, internet video traffic will account for 80% of all consumer Internet traffic. (Source)

That’s right most brands are including videos on their website, social media platforms, and even in their presentations to potential clients and customers. Brands are incorporating video into their marketing strategy to grab the attention of potential customers and tell their brand story.

As most people have the attention span of a gold fish, videos are a great idea for brands to grab the attention of potential customers and tell their story visually.

Think about it. If you’re in New York City and you want to go out to eat for date night, most likely you turn toward google to find the perfect restaurant. Once you find the perfect restaurant you’ll of course look at the menu, and go to their website. On the website you immediately see a video that showcases the seats, delicious looking dishes, and overall experience of the restaurant. After seeing that video you pick up the phone and make a reservation. That one video convinced you to become a new customer immediately without even thinking twice.

Not convinced? Here are three reasons why your brand needs video:


Video instantly creates that connection with potential customers faster than an image and a five minute caption can do. New customers will instantly understand your message and engage with your business a lot faster!


A picture can say 1,000 different words but a video will say exactly what you want so there’s no confusion in your brand’s message. It leaves little to the imagination so that they can understand immediately everything about your brand.


A brand video instantly creates a connection with your potential customers making them instantly share your brand with friends and family. This means you’re tapping into their followers, which brings a larger reach for your brand. A cycle that you can take advantage of for your brand and your video marketing strategy!

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