Why You Need To Start Batch Working

Take a look at your social media accounts. Does it ever feel like influencers, brands, and companies are pumping out content every second? Ever wonder how it’s possible? Yea we do too! Just kidding because we finally found out the secret to making sure that your brand stays consistent, with less stress, and finally you can take a day off to head to the spa. Doesn’t that sound nice?

So, how can you get this mysterious and mystical time back? BATCH WORKING. We’ve mentioned it before in another post, 7 Ways to Never Run Out of Content, but we only briefly scratched the surface. 

Batch working is essentially setting specific hours aside in order to create content all at once. AKA you won’t be writing a blog post every week and instead you will be setting specific time aside to write 6-7 blog posts all at once.

Think about it, how many articles have you read about meal prepping on Sundays to ensure you don’t have to worry about getting home with no food on the table? Meal prepping is batch working. Same thing as Spring cleaning. Every Spring you wait for the flowers to bloom, the corners of the baseboard to be cleaned, and all the old boxes from Amazon that you think you’re going to use but never do out into the garbage can. Then once your house is spotless you can bask in the glory and never have to think about dusting those baseboard until next Spring. 

Spring cleaning, meal prepping whatever you want to call it...you are batch working. 

If we haven’t convinced you yet, here are a couple more reasons why batch working is the best way to run your brand. 


When we first started Apto Media, we were all over the place. We would write a blog post here, post it, then create a Facebook post there, then post it AND then repeat the same process all over the next day. Only the next day we would have to check back and see what we actually posted. When your mind is doing too many things at once, it’s actually not retaining any information for you to even remember. 


Why is the 1980s when robots were created did everyone think it was the coolest thing since slice bread? BECAUSE, they were going to make our lives easier. Ever see the Disney movie Smart House? Even though it didn’t end well, the point was that by adding automation into their lives they could focus on other parts of their life rather than something they would have to stop and do every time they needed to get it done. Same thing with content for your brand. Once we are done batch working we set calendar reminders, automate post using platforms like Hootsuite, and day to day making sure that everything is running smoothly. Not only has it saved us time, it’s actually making us more money because we have more time to pitch for more clients.


Now this is one of our best kept secrets for our month to month clients (whoops the secret is about to be out). As we provide social media marketing services for clients month to month, we actually complete that month long project in two days. Yup, you read correctly. Clients that sign up for our month to month social media services have no idea (until now) that we design, complete, and schedule all the social media content in two days. What does that mean for us? Not only has it saved us time, it’s actually making us more money because we have more time to pitch for more clients (yes we repeated the sentence in our second point to make sure this sinks in to your brain).


This is definitely the most important one for us. The amount of stress that has been eliminated because of batch working is astronomical (brining all our big words out for this one). I don’t need to say anymore because you’ll see it when you do it. I hope that we have intrigued you to actually do it. 

That’s it. Those are the main reasons why you should batch work for your brand.